Life on Naxos

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Naxos Beaches

Go to the BeachBecause of their characteristics, beaches on Naxos vary from beaches on other Cyclades islands. The majority of them have gentle white sand and azure waters. The most beautiful sandy beaches are found on the island's western side, which is also the most developed in terms of tourism.They are considered as some of Greece's most beautiful beaches, and they are well-equipped with sunbeds, water...

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Naxos: Places and Villages

PlacesMount ZasHike to the peak of Mount Zas for panoramic views of Naxos and bragging rights over being on the Cyclades' highest point. Only on your own two feet will you cross the summit of Mount Zas. There are two ways to the summit. The most straightforward path is from Aghia Marina. This hike is 7 kilometers round trip and gains 300 meters in elevation.The second path begins at Aria Spring and...

temple of apollo, portara naxos

Naxos: A Local Paradise

Naxos is the Cyclades' largest and greenest island. The best things to do in Naxos include relaxing on the white sand beaches, visiting ancient temples, hiking to the summit of Mount Zas, windsurfing, and exploring the charming villages.Naxos' most prominent landmark is the Portara, also known as the Temple of Apollo. It's right next to Chora, Naxos' main city, so if you arrive by ferry, it'll be the first...

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