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Because of their characteristics, beaches on Naxos vary from beaches on other Cyclades islands. The majority of them have gentle white sand and azure waters. The most beautiful sandy beaches are found on the island’s western side, which is also the most developed in terms of tourism.

They are considered as some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, and they are well-equipped with sunbeds, water sports, restaurants, and hotels.

On the island, there are many sandy beaches to visit. Don’t miss the Aliko site, a protected area known for its cedar forest and home to two beautiful beaches: Aliko and Glifada. The scenery is breathtaking. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are common activities on some beaches, such as Mikri Vigla.

If you’re traveling to Naxos with children, Saint Georges Beach is ideal, with shallow waters and all the necessary amenities. However, we also suggest Sahara Beach (or Limanakia), which is a wonderful spot safe from the summer winds. If you want some anonymity, Orkos beach has some small coves, and if you are feeling adventurous, Panermos beach on the island’s eastern side is a must-see.

The northern side has many beaches and wild bays as well, but the sand and sea quality is less strong than south. This side is also more susceptible to winds and waves. The best snorkeling beaches are The Aliko Sea and Panermos Bay.


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