Naxos: Places and Villages
naxos apiranthos village
naxos apiranthos village


Mount Zas

Hike to the peak of Mount Zas for panoramic views of Naxos and bragging rights over being on the Cyclades’ highest point. Only on your own two feet will you cross the summit of Mount Zas. There are two ways to the summit. The most straightforward path is from Aghia Marina. This hike is 7 kilometers round trip and gains 300 meters in elevation.

The second path begins at Aria Spring and continues past the Zeus Cave to the summit. Although it is only 5 kilometers round trip, it is significantly steeper and more difficult than the Aghia Marina road.

Temple of Demeter

The goddess of grain and harvest, Demeter, was honored in this temple, which was constructed in the 6th century BC. The temple was destroyed in the 6th century AD, and the marble was used to build a Christian basilica on the same site. German archaeologists recently restored the temple to its original state. The Demeter Temple can be found near the town of Sangri. It takes 30 minutes to drive here from Naxos City.

Panagia Drosiani Church

This is Naxos’ oldest Christian church, dating from the end of the sixth century AD. It’s a free and fast stop that’s well worth it if you’re on a road trip around the island.

Citron Distillery

Kitron is a liqueur made from citron leaves distilled on the Greek island of Naxos. The distillery, which is located in Chalki, offers free tours and kitron tastings.

Kouroi of Flerio

Craftsmen quarried rock on Naxos in the 6th and 7th centuries BC and used it to carve massive statues. If you don’t mind walking a bit, you can still see two of these sculptures as well as the quarry.


Tiny, charming villages dot the hillsides and mountains of Naxos, and they are a delight to visit. You can drive from one village to the next or walk the trails that link these villages for a more scenic experience. Melanes, Ano Potamia, Myli, Kalamitsia, and other plants are on the list.

One of our favorite Naxos encounters was walking from Melanes to Myli to the Kouroi of Flerio. It’s a lovely walk that’s also simple to complete, making it ideal for families and people of all ages. This walk takes about 2 to 3 hours and is a loop (starting and ending at Melanes), so it’s simple to complete if you have a rental car.


Apiranthos, also known as “Plenty of Flowers Village,” is one of the island’s most beautiful villages. Explore the narrow marble-paved avenues, take in more Venetian architecture, and pay a visit to one of the city’s tiny museums.

Apano Kastro

The remains of an ancient castle in Naxos are known as Apano Kastro. From a Google search I did prior to our trip to Greece, it made our “maybe” list. Offer it a shot because the photographs of ruins on a lush, green hillside will grab your attention. It’s a lovely walk with stunning views of the interior of Naxos.


Apollonas is a fishing village on the island of Naxos’ northern coast. It’s interesting to explore, a nice place to eat fresh fish, and there’s another Kouros (statue) nearby to see.


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